Monday, June 18, 2018

Saudi-led US backed forces launch attack on port city of Hodeidah

Right off the bat, what the media won't tell you about this Saudi Led US backed war is that its a proxy war against Iran. The Houthis seized control several years ago and Saudi Arabia doesn't like that. So with our blessing and tax dollars and bombs and planes the Saudi's have been decimating the country. Genocide is a strong word to use and its justified using it in this context.

Normally if there is a way to spin an ongoing crisis like this, it will be done. Look no further than Syria as a prime example. But on the crisis of Yemen? Which is poised to be literally 3 times as bad as the holocaust? Crickets. And thats because theres no angle to spin here. Saudi Arabia is committing a genocide with our tax dollars and the main stream media is being almost entirely silent on the issue.

Theres not much to say about this, both parties are complicit in supporting this genocide with only a few senators (Bernie Sanders, Rand Paul and a handful of others) calling for an end to US aid to the war. Ro Khanna in the house has also made a stink about this on Democracy Now! But without mainstream coverage its looking incredibly bleak.

This is what happens when we rent out our military to the ISIS that made it country. But we can't just let Iran have more power and influence in the region! Look, theres no overarching strategy here beyond controlling as much of the oil in the region as possible if only for the sole reason that other imperial powers don't get their hands on it. If we didn't want Iran to be a powerful force in the region we would have not invaded Iraq which made Iran stronger.

What can be done? Call your representatives and talk to your friends and family about the issue. MLK said it best, "be the change you want to see in the world".

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Death Of Net Neutrality and What It Means Going Forward

Net Neutrality is perhaps the single most important issue for our immediate future. Without the free flow and access to information, the ability to organize, or to even simply learn about the world- the hope for progressive goals plummets

Imagine not being able to load a certain dissident leftist blog because he was just some dude blogging in his free time and he couldn't afford to pay Comcast their bribe for the "fast lane." I know, it would just be the end of everything that matters. 

But seriously, imagine if the internet was a group of adolescent kids with paper strings and cups between tree forts to relay pertinent information between one another. Then along comes Ajit Pai with a big fat pair of scissors and his shitty little grin and says "if you boys want to keep communicating at the same lightning speeds that you've had forever (only enforced since 2015 under the Obama era regulation) you'll need to bribe us!"

This has been big on the agenda of the "masters of the universe" or the 1% if you will. Obviously you can't have a well informed critical thinking population if you want to maintain the status quo and keep your greasy little fingers on that ill gotten wealth from the exploitation of the working class and so on. So whats the solution? The same solution as always, transfer the power from the people to private power. So if you want to get your dose of dissident literature or podcasts you better hope that the content producers you're following can pay their bribe to the telecom giants.

Thats my own personal take on this, of course the more digestible and on the nose reason for all of this fuckery is simply to enrich telecom giants more so than they already are (and believe me they use 100$ as toilet paper and  they double ply that shit- pun intended). 

So what can you do to wrestle power back from these folks? Call your senators and congressman and tell them "hey! cut this shit out!" and you can do that at this number: 202-224-3121 

Happy Hunting. 

Poor People's Campaign Shuts Down Traffic in Boston To Protest For Higher Minimum Wage

Traffic Blocked in Boston 

In yet another example of growing dissatisfaction with stagnating wages that are not sufficient to live upon this time the Poor People's Campaign shut down traffic in Boston to raise awareness of the criminally low wages workers in the city depend on. Its worth nothing that half of the population in the richest country in the world are poor.

As people get more and more fed up with the status quo, we will see more and more attempts at unionizing and organizing to combat the increasing austerity that is happening all over the world . This is the most natural response to capitalism, and indeed why Karl Marx famously said Capitalism sews the seeds of its own destruction. 

To the onlookers who were annoyed that people were taking action into their own hand I'd like to remind you that that is the exact point of a protest. A protest isn't suppose to be a happy march around a block chanting, its suppose to get in your face and get your attention. Its suppose to disrupt your life and make you aware of injustice thats happening all around you. Dissent is the highest form of patriotism for a very real reason, to critique the system is to try and improve it. 

Your complacency in the grotesque inequality is the problem, not the people pointing it out.

I wish the Poor People's campaign all the luck in the world. They need it and so do we. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Frito Lay Workers organizing for better labor conditions

In a trend that can be observed across Western society, Topeka Kanas is the latest in a domino line of workers for Frito Lay are banding together for better wages and working conditions.

If you spend even an hour a day reading into the history of labor and the owner class none of this will surprise you. Not unlike a game of civilization if you treat the general populace poorly, they begin to revolt. 

Since the late 70's worker hourly compensation has been decoupled from worker productivity. I think the interesting thing to note is how well the business class in the United States has been able to crush the labor movement that under FDR got us things like the weekend and the eight hour work day. 

As for the actual workers in Topeka, they have bought in Brad Schmidt, international representative for the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers union to negotiate better wages, and he usually gets at least a 2% increase in wages for workers. However Frito lay wants none of that, as they only give out 1% bonus which is about 600$-800$ per year. Needless to say that will not suffice. Frito Lay is hoping they can resolve this without full on strikes. As of now the workers have been doing weekend picket lines to pass out information to passerby's. 

Needless to say I hope those workers get a raise and benefits and the keys to the whole damn castle. 

Trump Says North Korea will "denuclearize quickly".

Peace with North Korea?! Who is to thank for this?

While the #MAGA crowd is quick to give all credit of this summit to their dear leader, it was not that long ago The president was threatening North Korea over twitter with more regularity than he mentioned the disaster that is known as Puerto Rico. 

But OP, even the South Korean president has said that Trump should get the Nobel Peace prize! This is true, but what is also true is that the commander in chief craves admiration not unlike people diagnosed with narcissism. But I digress, I think the work the South Korean President has been doing behind the scenes can't be overstated.

I hope this peace deal goes down, the people of the peninsula deserve it but its worth noting that Trump is alone in his aspirations for peace from the administration. We saw just how quick John Bolton was to sabotage the deal openly on national television. Even the democrats have put forth a list of demands to be met during the summit. Upon review they're even more strict than the conditions of the recently botched Iran Nuclear Deal. The Democrats need to stop "resisting" from the right and embrace their bases (and the general population of the country) anti war stance. But thats another story for another time. 

I will say I don't think its smart for North Korea to completely denuclearize without any consession from the United States which has a proclivity of overthrowing governments when they get dispose of their weapons

Peace is ideal, but there are so many war mongers in DC who don't want this to happen, including the companies who stock went down after word of the summit first broke out. 
Fingers crossed people!

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