Saturday, August 8, 2020

Mike Pompeo to Fox News on 8/2/2020

The entirety of the congress is in lockstep here with the National Security state. Imperialism has to be upheld by everyone in congress, it's the life blood of the entire social order, minor debates about process sometimes occur, but all of the US ruling class share a common interest, the isolation, fragmentation and ultimately, the destruction of the People's Republic of China. In Hong Kong, the NED, a front for the CIA has spent tens of millions of dollars since 2014 to organize a color revolution. From Ted Cruz to AOC, this is the policy of imperialism: destabilize, balkanize, isolate, fragment and ultimately destroy any threat to US capital penetration.

The US is desperate to build an Anti China bloc with whomever will be bullied into doing so. At the same time the US is increasing sanctions and military presence (or shifting troops around) on not only the official state enemies of the US, but allies who are doing business with those enemies as well. Currently, China is the manufacturing hub of the world, which is almost the exact opposite dynamic of the first Cold War with the USSR. With this being the case, and China proving itself during this Pandemic as an ally to the world who wants peace and prosperity, compared to the US who has been stealing supplies and using the virus as a pretext to increase sanctions and bombings, this attempt to build an Anti China bloc is going less than ideally for US imperialists.

One of the Key threats to US imperialism is the BRI in which XinJiang will play a central role due to it's geographic location between China and the rest of Eurasia. With high speed rails and a series of highways, China seeks to build direct trade routes with the rest of the Eurasian continent. It cuts down the time for trade and the cost, and the US has no control over it. This is why the US has been whipping up direct comparisons between China's deradicalization and development programs put in place in XinJiang after several thousand Uigher Islamist radicals, recruited by the CIA and Gulf States to wage Jihad against the Syrian Government, came back to XinJiang which saw a massive spike in terrorist attacks that have since been dealt with, without killing or bombing, but by building up Xinjiang and embracing Uigher culture, which is why XinJiang has more mosques per capita than the United States, which is bombing, daily, 9 majority muslim countries with an average of 1 bomb dropped every 12 minutes, some of these nations, sharing a direct border with China.

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