Friday, July 5, 2019

Happy 4th of July, its a totally normal holiday.

That vague sense you have when you get off work every day that you have been ripped off, it's true, it's valid and it's real. You will never be paid what you produce or what the amount your labor produces. That difference in what you get paid versus the profits you helped make is your unpaid labor.

This is the nature of the system we live in. It doesn't matter if some employers are nicer than others, sometimes your boss may actually be a genuinely caring person. It does not matter.

One of the inherent contradictions of capitalism is that workers will never be treated fairly as long as they're answering to a private employer.

Happy Fourth of July, let's celebrate all of the young people who threw their lives away at the behest of a few rich people so they could get just a little bit richer.

I thought I was done but then I sneezed and I was like no, there's more to be said.

The Independence that today supposedly celebrates is a myth that's drilled into us the moment we enter school. Independence from what? British tyranny? Only to be replaced by American tyranny? What is that? Bullshit. It's that steaming pile of feces that Jeff Goldblum Marveled at in Jurassic Park.

The American revolution actually coincides perfectly with two things that happened, to put it simply the British were moving to limit Westward colonial expansion, to keep their promise to the natives, and they were also trying to abolish slavery, like most of the world had done, it's for these two reasons the American revolution even happened at all, to expand Westward on native land while at the same time continuing to expand slave ownership. The wealthy land speculators that make up our founding fathers at the time were rather honest in letters to each other that we just didn't happen to learn about in school.

But it's even more sinister than I've made it seem thus far, there was one more thing that weighed on the American ruling class, growing coalitions of slaves, natives and poor whites scared the hell out of the early founders. So a decision was made to include poor whites into the elite, in rhetoric only of course. But this solidified their power over the masses, with the working class completely fractured and pitted against one another, the capitalist's and they're so called property rights, which included people, were secure.

So when people say this country was founded on slavery and genocide, they aren't being edgy or rebellious, they're being truthful because if we don't understand this then there is no hope of changing the very fucked up foundations on top of which our society stands.

For example, we abolished slavery in the 1860's right? Yes, unless you're a prisoner. Read the thirteenth amendment. Then we wonder why they give nonviolent drug offenders time in double digits. The entire drug war was a reaction to civil rights and the new left, a Nixon administration aide said as much in the early 90s. This is what slavery evolved into because the entire premise of this country is predicted on cheap, if possible, slave labor.

Why have our jobs been shipped to China and Mexico, devastating what are now cold the industrialized towns, you know the ones in the rust belt that went over to Trump after voting for Obama twice in a row. Because the capitalists wanted to make more profits and American workers cost too much for them so they went with near or total slave labor overseas and abroad.

why are we bombing 9 countries and why are the military defense contractors making so much money off of it? This answer is actually to fold they make money selling the bombs to the government but they also serve a purpose to try and stamp out any kind of ambitions of a better life in the world's poor people- see the war in Vietnam for example.

When you trace back all of the problems in today's world with a common root of it all is profit-making by a small tiny minority of people who are taking all of the wealth, this is what capitalism is.

A better world is possible the world in which workers's democratically decide what to do with their labor and production process and that is the kind of world that the United States has been hell-bent on destroying since before it was even a country.

I really wish I knew the stuff when I was growing up, it would have made the world makes so much more sense instead of the complete drivel that we are spoon-fed.

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