Monday, December 31, 2018

The people who own this country predictably still don't want Bernie to help the American people

They seriously don't someone who is going to end their gravy train or gasps raise their taxes to pay for any of the dozens of things Americans need, healthcareeducation, infrastructure, or any of that hippy socialist bullshit.

Over Christmas break this became the case as a series of articles calling for Biden, or Beto, or Harris or anyone and everyone that isn't Bernard Sanders. This is because Bernie is the only potential candidate that represents an actual threat to capital. As Bernie Bro and renowned Journalist David Sirota pointed out Beto votes with republicans a lot of the time. Far too often to be considered "real change" (a threat to capital). Biden's record speaks for itself, the dude is creepy and corporate and he's wanted to run or has flirted with running or has actually ran for the presidency so many times that I think he can be placed gingerly on the shelf without too much fuss. As for Harris, had she rightfully prosecuted Steve Mnuchin, he wouldn't be the Secretary of Treasury taking a direct siphon from public treasury people rely on and shoving it directly into the desired orifice's of the masters of mankind.

The democratic donors and therefore the mass media are pushing for people they know won't rock the boat. This is going to be as natural as the sun rising and setting going forward.

Elizabeth Warren has entered the fray. She announced this today and I started writing this last night and went to sleep before I finished. But this is interesting, because Bernie just said a few days ago that he and Warren talk nearly every day. Now I would think that Bernie and Warren would not want to split the "progressive" vote. So that leads me to think that he won't run for president, maybe as Warrens VP. I would vote for Warren, but I'd prefer Bernie, specifically over policy positions, Bernie's platform is clear and concise. We know Warren is at least not completely beholden to Wall Street like other people who are definitely running in 2020. But other than some good rhetoric we don't know where she stands on a lot of issues. She is definitely preferable to Bernie from the Masters of Mankind point of view thats for sure.

I think the fact Bernie legitimately scares them is exactly why we need to at the very least build the mass movement thats going to outlive Bernie (as Bernie has always said "not me, us") and push the policies that will in the short run help the American people as well as be in line with what the majority of Americans want anyway, but will also lay the foundations of eventually overthrowing capitalism and if we're lucky, save our planet before its too late.

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