Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Free Speech and Israel

Okay, I was led to believe that free speech warriors were people who... like fought for free speech, right? Dave Rubin, Ben Shaprio, Steven Crowder, Jordan Peterson, Tucker Carlson and co. These are the folks I think about whenever I see a violation of free speech. I know Jordan will make a video about it, Steven will put on a dress, ironically of course, and rant about it. Shapiro will mention it on his podcast while not looking directly at the camera and Dave Rubin will stick his ear to the stack of cash to feel the vibrations in the free speech continuum.

So I checked their respective platforms for anything on this new piece of legislation congress passed regarding boycotting Israel and not even the crickets chirped. So this isn't surprising, anyone who can rub half a brain cell with any various plant or animal cells they have lying around the house knows that these guys are full of shit. They're grifters using the rhetoric of free speech to push an ideology that would have us deep throating the boots of the nearest billionaire.

But back to Israel, this shit is real. I read Haaretz from time to time, and they actually have more of a range of discourse and criticism regarding their governments occupation and slow motion genocide of the Palestinians and their apartheid state. Theres no where in the main stream outlets where you can find dissent on the standard "Israel can do no harm narrative." This just gives you an idea of the climate we're operating in here. To complete that picture now consider the degree which Israel along with its settler colonial project is funded by the U.S.

This anti-BDS law isn't the first of its ilk to drag its sad decrepit body into the congress floor, as of 2018 half or more states have anti-BDS laws in place, hell in Texas right after hurricane Harvey people who wanted to get aid had to agree not to support BDS! So clearly, we care deeply about free speech in this country, it just better be speech that lines up with the ruling class' ideology which states that Israel is hands off of any criticism. 

But the next time someone tells you that they think free speech is the most important thing in the world and they like people like Jordan Peterson or anyone from the so called Intellectual Dark Web (oh yes, they profess ideas so counter to the mainstream that their ideas just happen to align with the ruling class in every case, fucking fancy that!)ask them where they stand on the completely blatant assault on free speech regarding Israel. Thats a good way to see if you're dealing with someone who is consistent and intellectually honest, or if you're dealing with a fraud who definitely isn't a cross dresser in his spare time (not that there's anything wrong with that Steven, just don't go on your platform bashing LGBTQ the next day after you do a skit in a dress, its a bad look).

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