Thursday, August 9, 2018

Democratic Leadership falling All Over Themselves To Compromise The Progressive Agenda With Republicans

So the reality of mainstream politics in the United States thats known by anyone but right wingers is that the democratic leadership is wholly right wing and just trips over themselves to sellout to the donor class, much like the republican leadership. Ask your typical self described republican or listen to a talking head on the telly and you would walk away with the impression that the democratic leadership; Pelosi, Schumer and the like, are closeted socialists that actually want to tattoo the Soviet hammer and sickle where a tramp stamp would go and twerk on the floor of the house and senate respectively because they're just godless commies. 

Now I'm a lefty, if you looked at this blog it would take less than a second to realize that. However, I am a lefty precisely because I live in the real world and I deal with facts and data and as far as my politics are concerned, I'm an empiricist. So it was no surprise to me when I read the article I'm basing this post on, that the Democrats new "Debt-Free" college plan is just a group of flowery words  stringed together in attempt to pull the veil over the average persons eyes. 

I don't really need to breakdown the democratic policy plan, the article already does that, just click the link under the cleverly picked picture by yours truly.

What I'm interested in writing about is the broader picture here; That the Democratic leadership that is completely beholden to the 1% are still firmly in control of the party, and they are already trying to compromise with republicans on the core issues of progressive and left leaning candidates. 

I'll just cut to the chase and make the point: They are doing it to preserve the levers of power that the government provides in the hands of the wealthy elite. Medicare for all, college for all, the peoples platform are all easily within our grasp but one or two of two things need to happen for this vision to come to past- raising taxes on the wealthy, and/or cutting the military budget. Both of these things take away power and wealth from the ruling class. Whether they know it consciously or not (and believe me, they do) the democratic leadership is part of ruling class and they'll be damned if they see their taxes go up to pay for social programs that are overwhelmingly popular with the American people. 

One last point, FDR sold out to the working class to win 4 presidential elections, a feat that prompted the party of big business (the GOP) to enact term limits to a measly two per person. If the democrats were actually interested in winning elections, they have all the knowledge to and resources to make that happen. Their actual interests are maintaining the status quo that made them rich and powerful in the first place. 

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