Tuesday, January 1, 2019

The Media's framing of Fascist Bolsanaro and what we can learn from it

Its no secret that the United States has and does and will continue to meddle in other countries elections and it will do so as long as it is able. So right off the bat, when I say that Brazil's election has the CIA finger prints on it, know that there is historical (hell, even contemporary evidence show that this is the truth. It must also be known before we get into what I want to talk about, that Lula (head of the PT party) is a political prisoner. In fact, he is the worlds "most prominent political prisoner" as Noam Chomsky has rightly pointed out. The circumstances of his arrest and imprisonment make this abundantly clear, click on the links above if you think that the "corruption scandal" has any merit.

Jair Bolsonaro is a fascist. That is a pretty tame assessment of his character and rhetoric, if you don't work for the mainstream media. He has promised to sell off the Amazon forest to the highest bidder (that thing thats going to be extremely important in sucking carbon out of the air, thus averting planetary extinction), has expressed disdain for anyone even remotely marginalized, gays, indigenous people, blacks, you name it, Jair has shat in their faces. I source the hell out of these posts because I don't want people to take my word for anything, click the links if you think anything I say on this page sounds whack, find out for yourself.

So that's the background that today's inauguration has happened, the CIA worked with Brazil's ruling elite to elect and fascist after the head of the worker party (the only person in the country who could have realistically beat Jair in an election)  was imprisoned on completely inane charges.  So surely our free and independent media in the West shine a light on all of this so people can make rational and informed assessments on the matter.

Sorry I was laughing so hard, I had to stifle myself before I could continue.

So no, of course that's not how things work. The media is falling over themselves to paint Bolsanaro in the least negative light possible because he's their boy. This is an all to common pattern in United States foreign policy. Crush the left anywhere and everywhere by any means necessary and work with fascists to prevent even mild reforms that benefit the working class.

Here are some headlines today about the inauguration:

Bolsonaro: Brazil 'liberated from socialism' with him in power -Reuters

Bolsonaro sworn in as Brazil's president on wave of conservative enthusiasm- The Guardian 

Right-Wing Populist Jair Bolsonaro Sworn In As President Of Brazil- NPR 

And the one that made my blood boil, that made me want to write about this today. Dare I say, that this NEWS made me OUTRAGED (couldn't resist)

Trump praises Brazil's new President Bolsonaro after he vowed to 'strengthen democracy'- CNBC

Now that's just fucking peachy. Seriously. CNBC just running that headline is infuriating, but more importantly, its predictable. This is how power works. The bottom line here is that Jair is going to play nice with U.S. based multinational corporations (that's a nice way of saying he will gladly let a small number of people completely destroy the country and rape the land and people for the profit of the aforementioned small number of people) so the media sees fit to paint this bastard with the most flattering array of colors that they can muster from their shitty little pallets.

This is why its so goddamn important that we use and support independent media. Corporate media will doom us all into a fiery oblivion if it means they can profit from it.

If you want an accurate picture of want Bolsonaro's inauguration really means for the future of Brazilians and really the world writ large, because of the amazon forest- and I'm going to quote one of my favorite authors: "Imagine a boot stamping on a human face, forever."

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