Sunday, December 23, 2018

Trump Shuts down the Government, Pulls Troops from Syria and Afghanistan. Gearing up for 2020.

President authentic tan and real hair decided to pull all 2,000 (some estimates as high as 5,000) troops from Syria and cut the number of troops in Afghanistan in half from 14,000 to 7,000. While this was going on the president also refused to sign any spending bill that didn't put at least 5 billion dollars (American).  Despite being totally on board with the spending bill just last week. President strong and stable genius changed his mind after he came under fire from totally not Nazi's Ann Coulter and co on Fox news. Ann Coulter insisting that Trump needs to build the wall to stop the browning of America and to bring joy to all the good white people in the heartland.

These are all things that have dominated the news cycle, with war hawks in both right wing parties accusing President very big and strong hands of putting national security in grave danger. While this criticism is mostly ridiculous (there is a genuine concern of what happens to Rojava once the US pulls out of Syria). The criticism regarding the border wall is completely warranted and somehow, I will bet you all of my gold chocolate coins (6 1/2) that the media will find a way to blame Democrats for not kowtowing to their baser fears and supporting President totally works while he's golfing absurd border wall.

Its no secret that Trump started his reelection campaign just days after he was sworn in and with the newly released Democratic debate schedule released (that start in just 6 months) we can see that the presidential campaign is starting earlier than ever. So it makes sense that Trump, as his predecessor Obama did, is reducing troop levels just enough to brand himself as "anti-war" just months  (December 2011) before a campaign. 

The war criminal Mad Dog Mattis has resigned, angering Trump who has fired him forcing him out by January 1st, two months ahead of Mattis' planned resignation. 

This has sent shock waves across the ruling elite from the media to politicians from both parties. Fuck them, honestly. Fuck Mattis too. For the purposes of calling out war criminals, I don't mind ending a sentence with a preposition. If we lived in a more sane world that was dictated by US hegemony we wouldn't cheer a war criminal as an "adult in the room."

But back to Rojava. The Kurds face literal genocide if the US gives Turkey the go ahead to invade. Which would continue the century old tradition of helping a people that exist in three different countries and then selling them out when it becomes convenient. 

Meanwhile back at home the Democrats have blocked Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's plan for a green new deal, dooming us all hellfire and apocalypse in the name of corporate capitalism. The person Pelosi put on the climate change committee said that blocking democrats from talking fossil money would violate free speech, because fuck you and fuck your children and fuck the planet, that's why.

The government has shut down, leaving hundreds of thousands without pay going into our consumer driven holiday of Christmas because the president is a fucking child. The one good thing he does that is for completely dubious reasons, pulling troops out of the middle east, gets his defense secretary to resign and gets all of Washington shaming him. It is likely going to be the action that sets in motion a genocide in the case of Syria but that's not why they're upset. They're upset because they think this weakens US hegemony, the same hegemony that makes them all absurdly powerful and wealthy. So in short, fuck us. Fuck us.

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