Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Trump Says North Korea will "denuclearize quickly".

Peace with North Korea?! Who is to thank for this?

While the #MAGA crowd is quick to give all credit of this summit to their dear leader, it was not that long ago The president was threatening North Korea over twitter with more regularity than he mentioned the disaster that is known as Puerto Rico. 

But OP, even the South Korean president has said that Trump should get the Nobel Peace prize! This is true, but what is also true is that the commander in chief craves admiration not unlike people diagnosed with narcissism. But I digress, I think the work the South Korean President has been doing behind the scenes can't be overstated.

I hope this peace deal goes down, the people of the peninsula deserve it but its worth noting that Trump is alone in his aspirations for peace from the administration. We saw just how quick John Bolton was to sabotage the deal openly on national television. Even the democrats have put forth a list of demands to be met during the summit. Upon review they're even more strict than the conditions of the recently botched Iran Nuclear Deal. The Democrats need to stop "resisting" from the right and embrace their bases (and the general population of the country) anti war stance. But thats another story for another time. 

I will say I don't think its smart for North Korea to completely denuclearize without any consession from the United States which has a proclivity of overthrowing governments when they get dispose of their weapons

Peace is ideal, but there are so many war mongers in DC who don't want this to happen, including the companies who stock went down after word of the summit first broke out. 
Fingers crossed people!

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