Thursday, June 14, 2018

Poor People's Campaign Shuts Down Traffic in Boston To Protest For Higher Minimum Wage

Traffic Blocked in Boston 

In yet another example of growing dissatisfaction with stagnating wages that are not sufficient to live upon this time the Poor People's Campaign shut down traffic in Boston to raise awareness of the criminally low wages workers in the city depend on. Its worth nothing that half of the population in the richest country in the world are poor.

As people get more and more fed up with the status quo, we will see more and more attempts at unionizing and organizing to combat the increasing austerity that is happening all over the world . This is the most natural response to capitalism, and indeed why Karl Marx famously said Capitalism sews the seeds of its own destruction. 

To the onlookers who were annoyed that people were taking action into their own hand I'd like to remind you that that is the exact point of a protest. A protest isn't suppose to be a happy march around a block chanting, its suppose to get in your face and get your attention. Its suppose to disrupt your life and make you aware of injustice thats happening all around you. Dissent is the highest form of patriotism for a very real reason, to critique the system is to try and improve it. 

Your complacency in the grotesque inequality is the problem, not the people pointing it out.

I wish the Poor People's campaign all the luck in the world. They need it and so do we. 

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