Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Frito Lay Workers organizing for better labor conditions

In a trend that can be observed across Western society, Topeka Kanas is the latest in a domino line of workers for Frito Lay are banding together for better wages and working conditions.

If you spend even an hour a day reading into the history of labor and the owner class none of this will surprise you. Not unlike a game of civilization if you treat the general populace poorly, they begin to revolt. 

Since the late 70's worker hourly compensation has been decoupled from worker productivity. I think the interesting thing to note is how well the business class in the United States has been able to crush the labor movement that under FDR got us things like the weekend and the eight hour work day. 

As for the actual workers in Topeka, they have bought in Brad Schmidt, international representative for the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers union to negotiate better wages, and he usually gets at least a 2% increase in wages for workers. However Frito lay wants none of that, as they only give out 1% bonus which is about 600$-800$ per year. Needless to say that will not suffice. Frito Lay is hoping they can resolve this without full on strikes. As of now the workers have been doing weekend picket lines to pass out information to passerby's. 

Needless to say I hope those workers get a raise and benefits and the keys to the whole damn castle. 

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