Thursday, June 14, 2018

Death Of Net Neutrality and What It Means Going Forward

Net Neutrality is perhaps the single most important issue for our immediate future. Without the free flow and access to information, the ability to organize, or to even simply learn about the world- the hope for progressive goals plummets

Imagine not being able to load a certain dissident leftist blog because he was just some dude blogging in his free time and he couldn't afford to pay Comcast their bribe for the "fast lane." I know, it would just be the end of everything that matters. 

But seriously, imagine if the internet was a group of adolescent kids with paper strings and cups between tree forts to relay pertinent information between one another. Then along comes Ajit Pai with a big fat pair of scissors and his shitty little grin and says "if you boys want to keep communicating at the same lightning speeds that you've had forever (only enforced since 2015 under the Obama era regulation) you'll need to bribe us!"

This has been big on the agenda of the "masters of the universe" or the 1% if you will. Obviously you can't have a well informed critical thinking population if you want to maintain the status quo and keep your greasy little fingers on that ill gotten wealth from the exploitation of the working class and so on. So whats the solution? The same solution as always, transfer the power from the people to private power. So if you want to get your dose of dissident literature or podcasts you better hope that the content producers you're following can pay their bribe to the telecom giants.

Thats my own personal take on this, of course the more digestible and on the nose reason for all of this fuckery is simply to enrich telecom giants more so than they already are (and believe me they use 100$ as toilet paper and  they double ply that shit- pun intended). 

So what can you do to wrestle power back from these folks? Call your senators and congressman and tell them "hey! cut this shit out!" and you can do that at this number: 202-224-3121 

Happy Hunting. 

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